Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Heartland Security Radio

Greetings Heartland Community!
Deepest apologies for the temporary down time of the site - we had to change servers and take care of some end of the year and beginning of the new year business. Heartland Team and I have some great news and stories to share in the weeks to come and I hope you all have enjoyed the holidays these past few weeks.
For now we wanted to share with you the latest development for our community -

Introducing Heartland Security Radio

We are pleased to announce the debut of our new radio show, Heartland Security, heard every Tuesday 11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern and again at 6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern onWorld Puja Network beginning Tuesday, January 6th. Listen live! (Easy registration required - it's free.) Or, if you miss the show, you can catch it any time in the World Puja Archives.

Each show will include some humorous and serious "uncommontary" from uncommonly wise allies, and interviews with those who are making a real difference in the domains of Heart (loving coherence, and spiritual connection), Land (green economy and sustainable abundance) and Security (respectful relations with humans, earth and all living things).

Our first guest is Dr. Bruce Lipton, who will help lay the foundation for the entire Heartland Security concept. If you're feeling hopeless, frustrated or disheartened about our current concurrent crises, this discussion will lift your spirits and offer paradigm-shattering evidence that these crises hold the seeds of inevitable evolutionary opportunity!

You can read more about upcoming programs here.
http://www.worldpuja.org/ heartland-security.php

Tell your friends, family, associates and anyone ready to shift their energy from "fixing" the caterpillar to building the butterfly.
Let's weave a web of mass construction together!
Steve & the Heartland Team

1 comment:

Connie said...

Hi Steve!

Great show! When I looked at my email, saw the times listed, then realized “Oh, that’s now!”

It is so good to see/hear the idea of shifting from fixing the caterpillar to building the butterfly! In this world there seems to be nothing but fixing the old. It is all around me! Therefore the gravity of that weighs heavy on me, and makes it seem “hard” to shift. But what a simple thing to just look the other way. As Swami points out – levitively lighten up! So, yes, shifting can be as “hard” as “falling off of a log.”

In the security of the heart,
Mark Smith